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Reach out to Kashmir, Through The Columns of Daily Aftab

Why Daily Aftab?

Daily Aftab is one of the premium newspapers of Kashmir. Published in Urdu language, the newspaper primarily deals with the neighbourhood issues and puts the life of the people into the spotlight.


The newspaper is simply admired by the people of Kashmir, for its rich content and true journalism.


Daily Aftab is circulated in the state of Kashmir and is popular throughout the state.


The newspaper does not have any specific supplements, but it surely has space for display ads in the main pages which can include Appointment, Business, Public Notices, Tenders and even Obituary display adverts in any page as per the advertiser’s convenience.

Daily Aftab and its competitors:

Daily Aftab is a newspaper in Urdu language and its main competition is with the regional newspapers and not with English dailies.Daily Roshni and Daily Kashmir Express.are its primary competitors.